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You’re not alone if you’re struggling to lose weight. Your body’s biology fights you at every step, and it takes more than will power and good intentions to reach your goal weight. Dedicated to helping you lose the weight for good, the team at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss offers medical weight loss to help you successfully lose weight and keep it off. To get started, contact the office in Tustin, Fullerton, or Ontario, California, by phone or book an appointment online today.

Medical Weight Loss


What is medical weight loss?

Weight loss isn’t always as cut and dry as many commercial programs may have you believe. The weight-loss experts at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss understand the complex issues that affect weight and develop personalized plans that address your specific weight loss needs. 

When developing your weight loss plan, the team takes into consideration your body composition, weight-loss goals, and medical history. The team works closely with you throughout your entire weight-loss journey to ensure you succeed. 

What tools are part of the medical weight loss program?

The medical weight loss program at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss is comprehensive and includes many tools to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Some of the tools include:

Nutrition counseling

Your diet is the foundation of the medical weight loss program. The team at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss consists of a registered dietitian who conducts personalized nutritional assessments and guides you on the proper diet based on your individualized needs. 

FDA-approved appetite suppressants

To support your weight-loss efforts, the team offers FDA-approved appetite suppressants, including Phentermine and Phendimetrazine, which tailors to match your specific needs. The team also provides hydrochlorothiazide (water pill) to help you lose water weight. 

The team understands that not everyone can tolerate the prescription weight-loss medications, and offers natural weight-loss supplements as well, including chromium picolinate (fat burner) and probese (fiber filler). 


The team also offers additional supplements to help your weight loss, including Lipo BC, Stress 28, A.C.R. 2X, super energy tablets, diucaps, and others. 


Lipotropic and B12 injections are also available at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss to maximize your weight loss. The team provides weekly B12 injections to boost energy and stimulate fat loss. 

What if I need to lose weight quickly?

The weight-loss team at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss understands that sometimes you need to lose weight quickly, so they offer the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet. The medical weight loss diet includes a structured diet plan, along with hCG injections. The team has helped many people successfully lose weight using the hCG diet for years.

The hCG injections are a pivotal component of the weight-loss plan. The hormone encourages your body to use abnormal fat for energy, which helps you drop unwanted pounds of fat quickly.

The hCG plan includes a structured 500 to 800 calorie diet, along with hCG injections and hCG pills. Though results vary, patients can lose up to one pound a day following this plan.

To learn more about the medical weight-loss program at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.