5 Popular Benefits of Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

5 Popular Benefits of Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

If you’ve been following a good diet and getting regular exercise, you may feel frustrated by some of your trouble spots that don’t seem to change. 

Rather than just resigning yourself to having to live with them forever, you have options. Body sculpting can help you achieve the results you want to see without having to go through surgery.

Sounds too good to be true? You might need to learn about all the options we have available, including CoolSculpting®. Our providers at eleven19 MedSpa explain five of the most popular benefits of nonsurgical body sculpting.

What can body sculpting improve?

Body sculpting — sometimes also called body contouring — can change a lot about your body. Some people are very surprised to learn that it’s possible to make changes to your body that they once thought were only possible with invasive surgeries.

Some of the body parts that can benefit from body sculpting procedures include:

You can transform and reshape your body without surgery, just by choosing from options like CoolSculpting or Kybella® (the latter of which is an injectable that targets your double chin).

How body sculpting works

When you come in for a CoolSculpting treatment, we place a wand across the area we’re targeting. This wand delivers energy into your fat cells, which freezes and destroys them. You may need more than one treatment, and you should expect the results to reveal themselves over time.

Benefits of body sculpting

You may have decided that body sculpting sounds intriguing. Here are five of the most popular benefits of getting nonsurgical body sculpting procedures. 

It doesn’t require any downtime

One of the biggest factors that causes most people to hesitate about considering plastic surgery is knowing that they have to allow time for recovery. With nonsurgical body sculpting, you can go back to work the same or next day.

You don’t have to go under general anesthesia

Understandably, you may be nervous about general anesthesia, even though it’s exceptionally safe. There’s always the potential risk (however tiny) that you might not wake up from surgery. You’re not alone in this worry. Fortunately, nonsurgical body sculpting requires no general anesthesia.

It doesn’t leave scars from incisions

When you get cosmetic surgery, you always have some scars as a result of the incisions made as part of your procedure. Because body sculpting doesn’t require any incisions, you won’t be left with any unsightly scars.

It has few side effects

Although you might have some redness or swelling after the procedure, you don’t have significant side effects or lingering risks. Compared to plastic surgery, which can sometimes have unpredictable and unpleasant side effects, body contouring is relatively safe.

If you maintain your weight, the results should last

You don’t want to worry that body sculpting is a bad investment. Your results should last as long as your weight remains relatively stable. Of course, if you were to gain weight, the results would likely disappear.

Nonsurgical body contouring is a good alternative to plastic surgery. To learn more about what we offer, contact us at eleven19 MedSpa in Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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