Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With CoolSculpting®

Your weight-loss journey may be a success when it comes to the numbers, but the visual result may still leave you reaching for something that seems impossible to achieve. Stubborn pockets of fat can keep you from attaining the figure of your dreams, even if you hit your target weight, and no amount of core body workouts seem to help.

Enter the aesthetic team at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss, with locations in Santa Ana and Fullerton, California. We use the special CoolSculpting® procedure to help reduce the thickness of fat layers in problem areas and give you the final results you crave. 

CoolSculpting vs. liposuction

Liposuction is a treatment that physically sucks fat out of your body. It’s a rather invasive process that involves the insertion of thick, needle-like cannulas and vacuum pressure, but it’s effective because it gets rid of entire fat cells.

CoolSculpting lowers the temperature of your fat cells making them basically shut down. Your body’s lymphatic system views these “frozen” fat cells as natural body waste. Over the course of several months, the fat cells are flushed out of your body without the need for thick needles and a vacuum pump.  

Multiple areas of treatment

One of the best things about Coolsculpting is that it can be used in so many different areas of the body. You can enjoy having the following problem spots treated safely and effectively:

You’ll get a 20-25% reduction in fat-layer thickness after a single session and be able to see the full results as early as one to three months after treatment.

Minimal disruption to your daily routine

CoolSculpting is almost completely painless and requires no downtime. You won’t experience the pain that comes after invasive liposuction. At worse, you might feel a little sore for a few days, and your skin might be a little pink. Most people feel ready to tackle their normal activities right after their treatment. 

Depending on the amount of fat thickness you want or need to lose, we may recommend one to three CoolSculpting treatments a few months apart. Between treatments, the fat will simply continue to be flushed out of your body, slowly and steadily slimming you down. 

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss program, but it can certainly help give you that final boost to get over the finish line and attain your weight loss and body shape goals. To find out if CoolSculpting is right for you, call our team of aesthetic professionals today or book an appointment at one of our locations online. 

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