Get Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Get Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

If you don’t like your natural body hair, you’re far from alone. Many people shave off their body hair, but keeping up with a shaving routine is a pretty big hassle. 

We have the answer. Thanks to laser hair removal, your body can be smooth and hairless in just a few sessions. Learn more about what laser hair removal can do for you when you visit our providers at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss.

How laser hair removal works

The laser we use targets the darker hair follicles. The laser beam absorbs the pigment of the hair, destroying it from within. The damage prevents the hair from growing back.

It’s very precise, which allows us to eliminate the hair at its root without damaging the surrounding skin. Each pulse of the laser kills several hairs at once. You usually need three to seven sessions to target all of the hair follicles.

Who is the best candidate?

Anyone can get laser hair removal. It’s most effective on people who have dark hair and light skin. But laser technology has improved in recent years, so if you have lighter hair or darker skin, you can benefit from it as well.

What to expect from laser hair removal

Before your laser hair removal session, we give you instructions to prepare for the treatment. We advise you to avoid sun exposure, which you should do anyway to protect your skin. You can’t get laser hair removal if you have a sunburn or any other type of skin outbreak.

When you come in for treatment, we give you sunglasses to wear to protect your eyes. Everyone must use sunglasses while the laser is in use. 

We apply a numbing gel to the areas to be treated to lessen the sting of the laser. Most of our patients do not find it particularly painful. Some describe it as feeling like being snapped with a rubber band.

We adjust the laser equipment according to the color and thickness of your hair. Then we guide the wand over the area to be treated.

Areas of your body we can treat

We can treat almost any area of your body where hair grows. Some of the most common and popular areas for laser hair removal include:

What to expect after treatment

You may experience some redness after laser treatment. Common side effects include:

You may also feel like you have a slight sunburn for the first couple of days following laser hair removal. People with darker skin may also experience some blistering, although this is not very common.

You need to wear sunscreen for a month after laser hair treatment, but you may wear makeup the day following your treatment if you wish.

Laser hair removal is so easy, especially compared to the regular hassle of shaving. Contact us at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss if you would like to see how easy laser hair removal can make your life. We’re located in Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Ontario, California.

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