I’m Ready to Lose Weight in 2024. Can You Help?

I’m Ready to Lose Weight in 2024. Can You Help?

Losing weight is at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions for many people. If you’ve been carrying around more weight than you feel comfortable with, you might have decided that enough is enough — you’re going to lose weight in 2024, no matter what it takes.

You may have biology working against you, but luckily, medical weight loss is on your side. You even have more than one option to help you lose weight. Our providers at eleven19 MedSpa explain more about the options you can use to get rid of the extra weight, once and for all.

Why medical weight loss is different

You’re probably familiar with all the fad diets that have promised amazing weight loss. You dreamed of fitting into that tiny little black dress and maybe even achieved it for a while, but you had to starve yourself to get there. 

Similarly, you probably have at least one exercise machine, if not several, collecting dust in a corner of your home. You may have had good intentions when you bought it, but you likely lost interest in it at some point. 

So why would you think medical weight loss would help when so many other approaches have failed? It’s because medical weight loss is based on science and studies. We use medications that are Food and Drug Administration-approved and proven to help you lose weight. 

We also use nutritional counseling to change your eating habits for the better. It’s often not just about how many calories you consume but what those calories consist of. 

When you get 1,000 calories (for example) of nutrient-dense, nutritious food, your body has enough fuel to power it and make you feel healthy and strong.

Some of the treatments we use

When you come into eleven19 MedSpa for medical weight loss, you may be nervous. Will it be like a commercial weight loss meeting, where you have to step on a scale in front of a crowd and talk about your successes and failures with a large group?

Hardly. Medical weight loss at eleven19 is a more private matter, between just you and your provider. Some of the strategies we use include:

FDA-approved medications

We prescribe medications such as phentermine and phendimetrazine. Which one we choose is based on your individual needs and goals.

We also offer hydrochlorothiazide (water pills) to help you lose weight faster. In addition, we offer supplements such as chromium picolinate, a fat burner, and Probese™, a fiber filler. These aren’t as powerful as prescription pills, but they also have fewer side effects.


We also offer injections of certain vitamins, deficiencies of which can cause your body to hang on to excess weight. Some of these include vitamin B12 and lipotropic injections.


Certain nutritional supplements are known to have a beneficial effect on boosting your weight loss. These include:

We may also prescribe other supplements depending on your goals and your progress with other methods. 

If you’ve decided that one way or another, you’re determined to make 2024 the year that you lose weight once and for all, come see us at eleven19 MedSpa in Tustin, Fullerton, or Rancho Cucamonga, California. Call for an appointment today.

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