Tighten and Tone All the Right Spots with EmSculpt®

Tighten and Tone All the Right Spots with EmSculpt®

You work hard to get the perfect body. But sometimes, exercise and a healthy diet just aren’t enough to deliver the results that you want. When you want a truly perfect body, you might need a little bit of help.

Enter a new technology called EmSculpt®, an FDA-approved procedure that can help reshape your body and build muscle. Our providers at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss explain more about the ways that EmSculpt can work for you.

How EmSculpt works

EmSculpt is based on an acronym called HIFEM, which stands for high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This device delivers pulses of energy to your muscles to stimulate them and make them contract more frequently, which builds up the muscles. 

It also uses a technology similar to what’s used in CoolSculpting® to freeze your fat cells, eventually causing them to disappear completely.

The body parts that work with EmSculpt

Like most other body contouring procedures, EmSculpt isn’t for weight loss, per se. But if you’re near your goal weight, yet can’t seem to achieve the results that you want, that’s when EmSculpt comes in. The body parts that work best with EmSculpt include:

One variant, which we have at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss, is EmSculpt Neo®. The EmSculpt Neo is effective on a higher body mass index (BMI) than the original EmSculpt. This combines both radiofrequency and heat to shrink your fat cells.

Does it work?

Yes! While it often takes more than just a single session to see results, you can expect to gradually see tighter muscles and a more sculpted appearance.

What to expect from your sessions

Before we clear you for EmSculpt or EmSculpt Neo, we do a thorough consultation to make sure it’s right for you. We discuss both your overall health as well as your expectations for the procedure.

The sessions feel like a very intense workout. Each session, which usually takes about 30 minutes, makes you feel a bit hot and sweaty, and you may feel fairly uncomfortable near the end.

A standard series of EmSculpt sessions usually includes about four treatments, each scheduled about 2-3 days apart. The results appear over time, just as the results of workouts do.

Are there any side effects?

Generally, EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo are very effective, with very few reported side effects.

Your skin may feel red or sore in the days following an EmSculpt procedure. But EmSculpt is most effective as an adjunct to exercise, not as a substitute for it.

If you would like to learn more about EmSculpt and what it can do for you, schedule a consultation. Call us at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss today. We have locations in Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Ontario, California.

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