Treating Your Double Chin with Kybella®

Treating Your Double Chin with Kybella®

Even if you’re otherwise thin, you can still have a double chin. It’s often genetic, but few people with it feel like they’ve won the genetic lottery. Instead of cursing your unfortunate genes, have you considered that there’s a nonsurgical way to fix it?

The answer is called Kybella®, an injection that melts away the fat under your chin. A good diet and exercise rarely get rid of this fat. But a series of Kybella injections may just do the trick. 

Interested? Our providers at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss explain more about what you can expect from this treatment.

What causes a double chin?

Also known as “submental fullness,” a double chin is often the result of genetics. If all the women in your family have double chins, you’re more likely to have one as well. A lot is also determined by your face shape: If you have a weaker chin, you’re more likely to develop a double chin.

But you can also develop a double chin when you’ve put on some extra weight. Unlike areas of your body that you can tone up with some exercises, the fat of a double chin is particularly stubborn and resists targeted spot-toning exercises.

Your posture can also cause a double chin, as can simply getting older. The combination of aging and poor posture can make it so that your chin sticks out more than you would like.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a unique way to target the fat that makes up your double chin. This is a special kind of fat called submental fat, which is why it’s often so difficult to get rid of on your own. Kybella uses injections of deoxycholic acid, which is a chemical related to your body’s own bile. 

These injections actually dissolve the fat in your neck, achieving results without surgery. Although liposuction also works to get rid of a double chin, it’s much more invasive than simply getting a series of injections.

What to expect from Kybella

Since it’s not surgical, you don’t have to recover from any incisions or major anesthesia. It’s much less invasive than surgery and doesn’t really require any downtime.

But the results aren’t as immediate, so don’t feel disappointed if you leave the office and don’t see major results. It often takes several days for the results to appear, because the deoxycholic acid has to dissolve the fat.

In addition, most people have to get more than one treatment. Some of our patients get up to six treatments for the best results.

We do numb the area being treated, but you may feel some discomfort after the procedure. Our patients report everything from feeling like they got a pinprick to more serious discomfort. A lot depends upon your personal pain tolerance, but most people don’t find it too painful.

Avoid vigorous or intense exercise right after getting Kybella. You should also drink plenty of water, because your body needs hydration to eliminate the fat cells.

If you would like more information about how to get rid of your double chin, ask about Kybella. Instead of feeling embarrassed about your double chin, you might be surprised by how quick and easy it is to get rid of it. 

Call us at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss today. We have locations in Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Ontario, California.

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