Why Medical Weight Loss Might Be Your Answer

Why Medical Weight Loss Might Be Your Answer

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that you might have made a resolution to lose weight. You may have made this decision before but didn’t get the results that you wanted. Are you doomed to weigh more than you want? No!

Medical weight loss is a totally different approach, so you can expect much better results. Are you ready to learn more? Our providers at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss explain what kind of results you can expect if you try the medical weight loss approach.

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is different from most weight loss programs. You may think that weight loss involves diet shakes or powders, “magic” exercises, or over-the-counter pills that have questionable ingredients. 

But with the medical approach to weight loss, you have our eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss team on your side. Our experts take time to get to know you and look at all the complex factors that affect weight loss.

Your weight is determined by your body composition and your medical history, among other considerations. But we also factor in your weight loss goals to come up with a plan to help you take off the pounds and inches.

The approaches of medical weight loss

The medical approach to weight loss at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss is comprehensive, so there are many options to choose from. We describe some of the approaches we use here:

Nutritional counseling

What you eat is an essential part of your weight loss efforts. You probably already know that it’s about more than just avoiding fast food. You need some guidance so you’re eating the right things to get all the nutrients that your body needs.

Our staff includes a registered dietitian, who works with you to find the right diet. The diet recommendations you receive are tailored to your specific needs and include all of the vitamins and nutrients your body requires.

FDA-approved appetite suppressants

You may need a little bit of help sticking to a lower-calorie diet. But many people find that they get a lot of help from FDA-approved appetite suppressants. These include drugs like phentermine and phendimetrazine. We also prescribe diuretics (water pills) to assist with your weight loss.

Some people are not able to tolerate the strength of these powerful appetite suppressants or have heart conditions precluding their use. If this is the case, we recommend natural supplements to help with weight loss, such as chromium picolinate (which burns fat) and probese (which uses fiber to fill you up).

Additional supplements

Our team uses additional supplements to help with your weight loss. These include Lipo BC, Stress 28, A.C.R. 2X™, and super energy tablets.


We also use injections of certain supplements to assist with your weight loss. These include lipotropic and B12 injections. 

Quicker weight loss methods

If you need to lose weight quickly, we offer a guided approach to the HCG diet. The HCG diet includes injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), along with a very specific and limited diet. 

If you are looking to lose weight and haven’t achieved any success on your own, our team at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss can help. Contact us to request an appointment online. We have locations in Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Ontario, California.

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