Why More Men Are Getting Botox Than Ever

Why More Men Are Getting Botox Than Ever

Men are getting Botox® injections more often than ever. Although you may think of Botox as a wrinkle treatment for women, men are discovering that they can benefit from it too. In fact, more than half a million men choose to get Botox injections each day.

This procedure, sometimes called “Brotox,” has increased in popularity by 400% since 2000. But  the way we inject Botox differs slightly for men than women. To learn more about what this procedure can do for you, our providers at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss explain more about it.

What Botox is

Botox is a purified form of the onabotulinumA toxin. While it can present some dangers if not used in a controlled environment, it’s perfectly safe in the doses we use in typical injections. 

The results from Botox last for several months. If you wish to maintain the results, you have to keep getting the injections.

What Botox can do

Botox relaxes the muscles where we inject it. It can help to reduce or eliminate some of the following:

Men usually need a bit more Botox to achieve the same results as women. Botox can also treat other conditions, such as migraines, neck pain, excessive sweating, and lazy eyes.

What you might expect from the injections

Most people don’t have a severe reaction to Botox injections. But you should avoid touching your face in the first 24 hours after the procedure so you don’t risk spreading the Botox to unintended parts of your face.

Some of the common side effects of Botox can include:

These usually disappear within 1-4 days after the procedure. Avoid drinking alcohol and limit exercise during these first few days.

Before the injections, let us know if you take any blood thinners, muscle relaxers, or sleeping medications. 

In very rare cases, it’s possible to have more serious side effects, including muscle weakness, breathing problems, trouble breathing, and loss of bladder control. You should seek immediate medical attention if this happens.

Why you should consider Botox

Men should consider Botox for many of the same reasons that women do. It’s an affordable and convenient way to look younger and more refreshed. 

Always see a qualified professional to administer your Botox. Although the procedure isn’t covered by insurance, you don’t want to risk having an untrained and unqualified person do the procedure. We can show you how Botox gives you a subtle, refreshed appearance.

If you want to talk about getting Botox and find out if it’s right for you, schedule a consultation. Contact us at eleven19 Medical + Weight Loss today. We’re located in Fullerton, Santa Ana, and Ontario, California.

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