Juvederm Ultra XC

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Aging causes changes in the structure of your skin that leads to the development of lines and wrinkles. But with nonsurgical cosmetic injections, you can restore your youthful look. At eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss, the team of aesthetic experts offers many cosmetic injections to reduce the signs of aging and enhance your natural beauty, including Juvéderm® Ultra XC. To schedule a consultation, call the office nearest you in Tustin, Fullerton, or Ontario, California, or book online today.

Juvederm Ultra XC


What is Juvéderm Ultra XC?

Juvéderm Ultra XC is the first and only nonsurgical hyaluronic acid filler FDA-approved to instantly smooth moderate to severe wrinkles around your nose and mouth for up to one year. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in your tissue that adds volume and moisture.

As you get older, the hyaluronic acid in your skin decreases, causing your skin to lose structure and volume, and contributes to the development of wrinkles and folds. Juvéderm Ultra XC acts as a replacement for your lost volume to restore your natural youthful look. 

Juvéderm Ultra XC also contains HYLACROSS™ technology, which provides the dermal filler with its unique smooth-gel properties, as well as its robust gel structure that holds up over time.   

What beauty concerns can Juvéderm Ultra XC fix?

The aesthetic experts at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss use Juvéderm Ultra XC to get rid of your smile lines and parentheses, which are the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth. 

The team also utilizes Juvéderm Ultra XC for the ArqueDerma® Artistic Restoration Lift, known as the nonsurgical facelift. During treatment, your aesthetic specialist carefully injects Juvéderm Ultra XC into your dropped facial tissue and artistically redirects your skin to create a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing look that reveals and embellishes your natural beauty. 

The technique also extends the life of your dermal filler by as much as 40%. 

What can I expect during Juvéderm Ultra XC injections?

Your aesthetic expert performs your Juvéderm Ultra XC injections in the office, which takes about 45 minutes. You may feel a slight pinch during the injection, but most patients easily tolerate the procedure. Juvéderm Ultra XC is premixed with lidocaine (a numbing agent), which provides a more comfortable experience during and after your injections.

You should notice an immediate improvement in your look after your Juvéderm Ultra XC injections. You may experience some redness, tenderness, or swelling at the site of the injections, but these side effects disappear in less than a week. 

Your aesthetic specialist at eleven19 Medical Spa + Weight Loss may suggest some activity modification following your cosmetic treatment, such as holding off on your exercise routine until the following day. However, no downtime is necessary after your Juvéderm Ultra XC injections. 

To learn more about Juvéderm Ultra XC and how it can restore your youthful look, call one of the offices or book an appointment online today.